5 Anti-Racist Books for Parents and Young People (13–19)

Here, I will talk about books I would show to parents of teenagers — texts I think parents would find useful in opening dialogues with their children on race, identity and Black history.

For me, I was twelve when I began to talk about police brutality, which was also the time when I was introduced to Flavor Flav, Chuck D and Public Enemy… boooooi!

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Here are five books that will challenge teens, who will have everything they think they know about all things distorted and reevaluated, making them ask more questions about inner-conflict and identity — from racism and crime to Black history and policing.

Boys Don’t Cry (2010), Malorie Blackman

Summary: Dante is seventeen, waiting to recieve his A-Level exam results, hoping for future of university education and journalism. When his ex-girlfriend Melanie turns up unexpectedly with a baby, his life is flipped upside down. Left holding, Dante has a life now that he did not expect and Malorie’s novel really is a page-turner.

‘Boys Don’t Cry’ starts strong and then goes on to tackle teenage pregnancy and fatherhood in the UK

Malorie Blackman (Penguin)

Appropriateness: Age 14+

Taking Up Space: The Black Girl’s Manifesto for Change (2018), Chelsea Kwakye and Ore Ogunbiyi

Ore Ogunbiyi (lef) and Chelsea Kwakye (right)

Appropriateness: 15+

I Am Nobody’s Nigger (2013), Dean Atta

Writer, poet and revolutionary Dean Atta

Appropriateness: 13+

If Beale Street Could Talk (1974), James Baldwin

James Baldwin

Appropriateness: 14+

Beginning with Your Last Breath (2016), Roy McFarlane

There is an African spiritual power here, of oral storytelling that has lasted thousands of years. If you are to buy a lockdown poetry book that is also politically and socially relevant to our current moment, let this be the verse.

Appropriateness: 12+

These are texts that parents and their children can look at, young people will be challenged by the ideas presented in these books and perhaps begin to see the world a bit different. Maybe, even feel inspired.

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