How Can Education ‘Decolonise the Curriculum’, but Neglect Teacher Training?

Whilst Black History should be embedded in the curriculum, it still isn’t; with October upon us, I’m sure there are many out there thinking about Black History Month and curricula.

What makes essays worth more in academic citizenship than oral storytelling traditions — a form of disseminating information popular throughout the Black diaspora?

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Towards the end, I hosted an academic that gave a talk on race equality and social justice in initial teacher education [ITE]. It was here she got me to think critically about race, culture, identity politics in the midst of teacher training.

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There is little wiggle room for schools in terms of what is taught, but seemingly initial teacher training / education is not being looked at with the same enthusiasm as the main curriculum that impacts children and young people.

Having never been a teacher or a lecturer in the system, my knowledge is limited; but I believe school curriculum is the root and teacher education is the seed, and only from there can change really be affected for future generations of learners to come.

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