We Mustn’t Let What Happened to Labour Happen to Critical Race Theory (For Jess Green)

There’s been lots of chat on Critical Race Theory, so I wrote this poem after a piece I heard performed by Jess Green at an open-mic night in Kettering, Run Your Tongue open-mic (2018).

when I was doing my undergrad at university,

it was by chance I found out about Critical Race Theory

that there was scholarship that articulated my encounters

with Britain, as numerous just pass racism off as banter

I found out my life is also grounded in an academic position

pioneered by the likes of Richard Delgado and Patricia Williams

but Kemi says that critical race theory is regressive and racist

and she’s showing how Whiteness is more than white faces

in that debate, you saw this was more than denial

as she then proceeded to put Black Lives Matter on trial

but when you follow the theory in theorisation

you will find writings from Angiolini and Macpherson

and Sofia Akel’s research into Goldsmiths education

racial disparities in policing, prisons and healthcare

this framework of seeing is unpicking the affair

between race, racism, power and the law

I can hear Tories splashing with the turning of oars

saying white privilege shouldn’t be taught as facts

with anti-capitalism oft seen as equivalent to reading the Riot Act

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

see CRT leaning into how society operates in relation to race

see CRT leaning into unpicking Britain in the context of nation and state

see CRT as vessel to discussing decolonising the curriculum

see CRT as a way to make young people love their education system

see CRT leaning into how we discuss the school-to-prison pipeline

see CRT leaning into how POCs are left to die on the faultlines

see CRT leaning into race and racism’s intersections with class

see CRT exploring its intersections with Britain’s colonialist past

see CRT looking at race intersecting with LGBT, culture and disability

see CRT lending a lens to how we interact together with our community.

Labour is lost (for now), protect CRT.

Writer-Poet | Muses: Black and Mixed-Race histories, inequality, identity, arts et al| Race and Black History Educator | treventour.com | E: tre@treventour.com

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